DC Days 2018

ANA's 30th Annual DC Days took place from May 20-23, 2018.

In three days, we held nearly 100 meetings. In addition to key Senate and House offices that ANA members, as constituents, can uniquely access, we also met with important Committee members and staff, including Armed Services, Appropriations, and Energy Committees. Executive branch meetings included the Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration, the Office of Management and Budget, often with their senior leadership, and other departments.

This year, the Congress and administration especially needed to hear from many of us as we seek a nuclear-free future that safeguards our communities and our environment.


For its 29th Annual DC Days in May 2017, the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability published a report entitled Accountability Audit. The report examines the extraordinary spending at Department of Energy nuclear facilities and examines ways to reduce risks and save billions of dollars across the U.S. nuclear weapons complex.

Click the image above to download a copy of the report.