An Alliance Takes Shape


We began in 1987 as an alliance of affected peoples, organizers, health workers, and scientists who wanted to take on a military complex that was poisoning communities, wasting billions of our money, and putting the world at risk. The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) supports our over 30 member organizations and groups who are working throughout the country to empower citizens to take action and to protest an opaque and mismanaged nuclear complex. We work to find solutions that can achieve a vision of a modern society that runs off renewable energy sources, has verifiably dismantled the world's nuclear arsenal, and has responsibly disposed of our nuclear waste. We are not against nuclear science but we are against its irresponsible and dangerous use for political reasons.

Through our collective action, we have shut down nuclear weapons sites that were contaminating local communities, established funds for monitoring and technical assessment, and ensured that Federal Facilities are subject to state environmental enforcement. We have blocked dangerous nuclear weapons programs, supported more responsible management plans, and worked to decommission hazardous nuclear reactors. We know how to win against an often intransigent government and contractors that waste billions of taxpayer dollars through mismanagement and, sometimes, sheer incompetence. 

For our network's vision to succeed, we need you to help us by joining our Alliance members and provide your leadership and support. The power is in the people and our over 25 years of advocacy on these issues has only reinforced that belief.


Our Issues

Nuclear Energy

The time has come for a carbon-free, nuclear free future. Nuclear Energy is expensive, dirty, and dangerous; We can do better.

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Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste remains a dangerous legacy of energy and weapons production. We need a responsible nuclear waste disposal strategy. 

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Nuclear Weapons

We work to oppose our massive nuclear weapons complex. This expensive and dangerous choice is something we can change. 

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